CDLI is all of us who share an interest in community development learning

Who Are We?

CDLI is a network that welcomes you!  People who share the CDLI vision are engaged in or interested in learning about community development. CDLI learners are involved in some aspect of community building, and as such have some organizational affiliation.

CDLI participants are residents, community leaders, practitioners, funders and educators. CDLI embraces diverse participation across neighbourhoods, communities of interest such as ethno-cultural and faith-based communities, and other kinds of organizations. We invite you to participate in CDLI  according to your interests, availability and capacity.

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CDLI Stewards

A feasibility report (2012) by the United Way Calgary and area, City of Calgary Community and Neighborhood Services and the Calgary Foundation sparked initial interest for organizing around community development learning, CDLI was launched with the efforts and resources from these original supporters along with the commitment of a number of engaged partner organizations:

CDLI is made possible through the continued support of the United Way Calgary and area, City of Calgary Community and Neighbourhood Services and through the contributions of a growing number of partner organizations.

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