Community Development Opportunities

Connect with a Syrian youth/family in your community

Youth hike at Fish Creek Park, 2016 (cdli)

Youth hike at Fish Creek Park, 2016 (cdli)

In place of the March 28 CDLI meet up we asked if you could find opportunities to connect with a Syrian youth or family to help them integrate into Calgary and make them feel more welcomed

At our April 27 meet up we will share and discuss our learnings and collective experiences connecting with Syrian residents in Calgary.

We hope you are having some success!! Feel free to stay in touch and contact us if you need any support. Contact Abbas Mancey, Project Lead, at 403.926.8624 or

Note: Examples of activities we suggested you can do with a Syrian youth or Syrian family you connect with:

o   Plan a hike or walk in a park.

o   Take them to Banff, Canmore, etc.

o   Invite them over for dinner

o   Go out for Coffee

o   Take them to a hokey game

o   Find any other appropriate activities to connect with others and/or help them integrate as a Calgarian, etc.

Please share what you are doing!

Whatever you do please share your (positive) experiences. You can share your experiences on:

We look forward to the April meet up and to hearing different stories!

At the April 27 meet up we will discuss supporting Syrian youth and families be more connected in Calgary through examining successful community examples and stories. How do we encourage and support the potential of Syrian youth in our communities? What is the role of the wider community and individuals to ensure a more integrated neighbourhood? We will explore these questions and more at the next meet up.

WHEN:     Thursday, April 27, 2017, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

WHERE:    Syrian Refugee Support Group Calgary Warehouse (6923 Farrell Rd SE, Calgary)

TOPIC:      Connecting Syrian Youth to Calgary communities  

WHO:       Everyone welcomed. Please invite your Syrian contacts


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