Discussion snapshot of CDLI Meet Up, Feb 26, 2019

Feb 26, 2019 CDLI Meet Up.jpg

At the meet up Amanda Palmer was introduced as the new CDLI Project Lead and a brief presentation on CDLI’s 2019 plans were shared for feedback.

CDLI 2019 plans are focused on: expanding training opportunities in the CDLI Curriculum (see link to curriculum here); hosting ongoing CDLI Meet Ups and the annual Big Meet Up; convening a Community of Practice for community development practitioners; capturing and telling stories of community building in Calgary; and providing support for grassroots community building initiatives.

Small group discussions included:

  1. How could CDLI meet ups better support residents working to make a difference in their communities?

  2. What are your current expectations of CDLI?

  3. Are there ways/roles you would like to assist* CDLI to advance/ support grassroots community building in Calgary?

  4. What do you want out of meet ups? ..What should we do more of (in meet ups)? ..What should we do less of?

  5. What are some supports we could provide between meet ups?

CDLI also shared its ongoing effort to map community development initiatives in Calgary - see link to interactive map.