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If your learning path has led you to the world of work being done on community hubs, but you're still curious about what one looks like in practice, there are many great examples of community hubs in our own city from which you can draw inspiration. One example of an organization that embodies the collaborative spirit of hubs, and represents what they can do for a community, is Calgary Arts Development.



A creative, connected Calgary through the arts.


Calgary Arts Development supports and strengthens the arts to benefit all Calgarians.

As the city’s designated arts development authority, Calgary Arts Development supports and strengthens the arts to benefit all Calgarians. We invest and allocate municipal funding for the arts provided by The City of Calgary and leverage these funds to provide additional resources to the arts sector. Our programs support hundreds of arts organizations, individual artists, artist collectives, and ad hoc groups in Calgary.

Calgary Arts Development strives to increase and use our resources wisely, foster collaborative relationships, and make the arts integral to the lives of Calgarians.

We are a connector, facilitator, collaborator, champion, supporter, amplifier, investor, catalyst, and opportunity-maker.

Read Building on our Momentum: Arts and Culture Infrastructure (2017).

This is a document that supports the needs and preferences of Calgarians to access suitable arts and culture infrastructure over the next 10 years. A great city has great arts and culture infrastructure. From small underground studios to grand concert halls, arts facilities are gathering places that infuse our city with colour, stories, music, beauty, surprise, understanding and humanity. Arts and culture facilities create vibrancy in neighbourhoods, they help us tell our stories, live creative lives, inspire our youth, and they draw visitors to our city. Follow this link to a full copy of the report.

Recommendation 4, Outcome 3 highlights the need for hubs, recommending that:

"Municipal funds earmarked for arts and culture infrastructure go toward projects that will fill an identified gap in Calgary’s arts and culture infrastructure, such as infrastructure that supports Indigenous culture, major outdoor events, incubator spaces including all-ages / youth space, live-work spaces and multi-tenant hubs. It may also include infrastructure in underserved areas within the city including East Calgary."

Explore an interactive map of Calgary arts and culture spaces.

In 2016, Calgary Arts Development undertook a mapping exercise to discover how existing arts and culture infrastructure correlates with demographic data. LocalIntel created an interactive map that visualizes arts spaces, demographics, and other data. The mapping was used to determine gaps in professional and non-profit arts spaces and culture, community and entertainment spaces that support living a creative life. Data for mapping was gathered through a number of sources including public registries, SpaceFinder Alberta and data gathered as part of the Calgary Cultural Plan. Every effort was made to ensure a robust directory of cultural spaces could be mapped, however, given the variety of space used for cultural purposes and the temporary and personal nature of many spaces, it was not possible to map every space where cultural activity takes place within Calgary.

If a space is missing from the data, please contact The interactive map will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Find your space, list your space on SpaceFinder Alberta.

SpaceFinder Alberta links organizations with space to rent with those who need space. Calgary Arts Development, in partnership with ArtsBuild Ontario, Fractured Atlas, and Arts Habitat Edmontonlaunched SpaceFinder Alberta in Calgary in 2016 and in Edmonton in 2017. SpaceFinder Alberta receives generous support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

SpaceFinder is a proven technology created and developed by Fractured Atlas, a US non-profit arts service organization. This online marketplace links organizations that have space to rent with those who need space. Our goal is to help organizations (community, volunteer, non-profit, etc.) and venues efficiently find suitable users for their under-used space through this online tool.

SpaceFinder Alberta is free to list, free to search.