CDLI meet-ups

CDLI hosts regular Meet-ups for anyone interested in helping to build better communities and neighborhoods to learn from one another, generally the last Tuesday of each month. Regular Meet-ups usually take a break for the Summer. In the Summer we try to be more creative and often meet up outdoors. Here are some Meet-up topics we will be exploring in the coming months:

  • Summer Meet Up/ neighborhood tour: Creating communities you want to live in – 21 August, 2017 
  • Building better brains to build better communities – 26 September, 2017. 
  • 2017 Big Meet Up - 4 November, 2017

CDLI Big Meet-up, nOV 4, 2017

CDLI Big Meet Up 2017 logo.png

When: Saturday, Nov 4, 2017, 9am - 3pm 

Where: Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, 1316 33 St NE, Calgary.

Who: Residents, practitioners, students, supporters with an interest in community development learning… Anyone!

Cost: FREE. Lunch & refreshments will be served.

You are invited to the CDLI Big Meet Up, Nov 4, 2017, to explore creative and proven ways of community building and to shape community development practice in Calgary.

Come hear inspiring stories of community building in communities all around Calgary and come prepared to be fully engaged in transformative conversations to advance community development learning and practice in Calgary.

The Open Space discussion theme is: Utilizing our collective assets/strengths to build the most connected, inclusive, vibrant & welcoming communities in Canada!

This Open Space discussion is an opportunity for Calgarians to discuss questions and issues of concern that matter most to them. It is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all… So come, help lead the conversations that you care about!


<<Past event>>

Building better brains to build better communities 

26 SEPTEMBER, 2017

Hosted in collaboration with the First 2000 Days Network, this meet up focused on why everyone should understand their critical roll in helping children in our communities get the best start to life. We learnt from the latest brain research why creating better communities is directly linked to "building better brains" in children especially in the first 2000 days of their lives! <<Past event>>.

Summer Meet Up/ neighborhood tour: Creating communities you want to live in 

21 aUGUST, 2017

At this meet up we explored creating communities you want to live in. We spent the evening in the communities of Marda Loop and Altadore visiting creative and community building spaces such at cSPACE Projects, a community grader in Marda Loop and River Park Church in Altadore. <<Past event>> 

Poverty and Disability Rights

15 June, 2017

Hosted in collaboration with the Disability Action Hall and Poverty Talks, this meet up focused on poverty and disability rights in Calgary through a community-centered approach. <<Past event>> 

Syrian Refugee families

27 April, 2017

At this meet up we we will discuss supporting Syrian youth and families to be more connected in Calgary through examining successful community experiences and stories <<Past event>> 

Seniors Isolation

27 FEBRUARY, 2017

Meet up topic: A Community-centered approach to tackling Seniors Isolation <<Past event>> 


ice-breakers without borders

30 may, 2017

Meet up topic: Ice-breakers without borders. This meet up explored: how and when to use ice-breakers/energizers; what are appropriate ice-breakers and we practiced facilitating some fun examples. <<Past event>> 

Domestic Violence

31 JANUARY, 2017

Community-centered approach to Domestic Violence prevention | working with men & boys <<Past event>>